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WordLegal03 - tests of blood alcohol content which were...

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IN DISTRICT COURT NO. 4, KING COUNTY STATE OF WASHINGTON STATE OF ILLINOIS, ) ) Plaintiff, ) NO. NUMBER ) vs. ) NOTICE OF APPEARANCE AND ) DEMAND FOR INFORMATION NAME1, ) ) Defendant. ) _____________________________ ) TO: CLERK OF DISTRICT COURT , AND THE PROSECUTING ATTORNEY : YOU AND EACH OF YOU will please take notice that Garcetti & Donovan hereby appear in the above entitled action on behalf of the Defendant, NAME1, and hereby enter a plea of NOT GUILTY , waive arraignment, the Sixty-Day Rule, and make the following demands: 1. That the trial of this matter be heard by jury; 2. That the undersigned be furnished with full information concerning the test or
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Unformatted text preview: tests of blood alcohol content which were submitted to by the Defendant, NAME1, if any, and a copy of the alcohol influence report form; 3. That the undersigned be advised as to whether or not a video tape was taken of the Defendant, NAME1; 4. That the breathalyzer operator be present at the time of trial; however, the Defendant, NAME1, may waive this request at a subsequent date upon the satisfactory examination of the inspection data heretofore requested. DATED this ______ day of __________________, 2001. __________________________________ MARCIA DONOVAN of Garcetti & Donovan Attorneys for Defendant...
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