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1 Memorandum DATE: current date TO: Honored Replacement for Taylor Rhodes FROM: Taylor RE: Data file and Template Revisions During my absence and before processing any further requests that involve information in the data files, please make the following revisions: 1. Postal regulations have changed--want all done in all caps with no punctuation. Modify employee last, first and middle name fields; address and city fields to be in all caps with no punctuation. Change all abbreviations to the appropriate postal abbreviations where necessary. 2. SOTA recently finalized its own web site. Please modify logo text on all templates and other occurrences for e-mail address to read: [email protected] and also modify all of the e- mail addresses in the employee file to remove the mfn portion of the current address. We
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Unformatted text preview: have also had a slight change in format for our letters. Please remove the paragraph indentions from the letterhead template. Make any other changes needed to bring these documents in line with current formats; i.e., a closing notation of c: instead of cc: since carbon copies are no longer used. For my records when I return, please print a copy of each of the revised templates and just the first two pages (in landscape with .5” left and right margins) of the employee table verifying that changes have been made. tr datarevs.doc 1 13111 West Avenue Milwaukee, WI 53226 E-Mail: [email protected] (414) 555-9153 Fax (414) 555-9255...
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