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Unformatted text preview: "All Nite Cinemas","2188 3rd Street",,"Louisville","KY","40201","502-555-4238","502-555-4240","[email protected]" "Century Cinemas","3687 Avenue K",,"Arlington","TX","76013","817-555-2116","817-555- 2119","[email protected]" "Countryside Cinemas","22 Hillside Street",,"Bennington","VT","05201","802-555-1469","802-555- 1470","[email protected]" "Danforth Cinemas","P. O. Box 22","18 Pickens Street","Columbia","SC","29201","803-555-3487","803-555- 3421","[email protected]" "Eastown Movie House","P. O. Box 722","1 Concourse Avenue","Cambridge","MA","02142","413-555-0981","413- 555-0226","[email protected]" "Hillman Cinemas","55 Kemble Avenue",,"Baking Ridge","NJ","07920","201-555-1147","201-555- 1143","[email protected]" "LaVista Cinemas","111 Vista Road",,"Phoenix","AZ","86355-6014","602-555-6231","602-555- 6233","[email protected]" "Liberty Cinemas","P. O. Box 998","12011 Ruston Way","Atlanta","GA","73125","404-555-8113","404-555- 2349","[email protected]" "Mainstream Movies","P. O. Box 33","333 Evergreen Building","Buffalo","NY","14601","212-555-3269","212-555-"Mainstream Movies","P....
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