M5-C1-ExA-ComputerPurchase - and speed, the amount fo RAM,...

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Before purchasing a compuder, take some time to consider how u wish to use you’re computer. This will help you decided if a portabel computer is needed. Then investagate the various types of software that can be used for your purposes Check the specification fro the software and make a list fo minimum and reccomended hardware. Then its time to consider youre computer choices. Visit some online sights and review their computer sales. Compare the proccessor tipe
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Unformatted text preview: and speed, the amount fo RAM, nad the size of the hard drive, as well as additional features you might find uzeful. Check the hardware specifications against th e list for the software you plan to use. When u are comfortable that u are looking at computers that meet yur needs, you will be abel to make an informed purchase decision....
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