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I Want Chocolate! Last night after dinner I decided to enjoy a piece of chocolate. But when I went to my secret chocolate hiding place, I found out it was empty! I was sure I had at least 3 candy bars hidden away. Someone had found my stash. I asked each member of my family if they had eaten my chocolate bars. Here are the answers they provided: Mom No. Dad No. My brother Why would I have your chocolate? My sister No, but can I have a candy bar if you find them?
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Unformatted text preview: Grandmother No, but heres $5.00 so you can buy more. Grandfather Who me? I thanked my Grandmother and went to the store to purchase more candy bars. I ate one on the way home and hid the others in a new secret hiding place. Later than night, the mystery of the disappearing chocolate was solved. I found the wrappers from one of my candy bars. It was hiding under my Grandfathers pillow!...
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