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Format It! Using Microsoft Word I can start with a blank document and add text and graphics to create professional letters, memos, flyers, and other publications. Often, I can save time by starting from predesigned documents called templates that are available for use with Word. For example, if I open a letter template, the letter is already formatted for me. All I need to do is to put the correct text in the appropriate location. Word even offers tools that help me enter and edit text, move or copy text from one place in a document to another, and format the text to make it look exactly the way I like. Since I’m not a spelling bee champ, I really appreciate the spelling check feature of
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Unformatted text preview: Word. I even taught it to spell my name! Term paper assigned? No problem. I can use special reference tools to make it easy to enter citations, endnotes, footnotes, and works cited. There are several tabs in Word, which help me utilize Word’s capabilities. Most tabs change the ribbon content and are organized to help me perform tasks I know, and to easily learn and try new tasks. The tabs are: File Home Insert Page Layout References Mailings Review View The capabilities of Word are impressive. I’m ready to learn how to make Word even more useful....
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