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Burning Calories After 30 minutes of cross-country skiing, you burn up that plate of spaghetti with meat sauce and Parmesan cheese—about 450 calories. Thirty minutes on an indoor skiing machine offer the same benefits as cross-country skiing—about 450 calories. Walking at around 4 miles per hour for 30 minutes burns 180 calories. Playing active, competitive tennis for 30 minutes burns 270
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Unformatted text preview: calories. Vacuuming the house for 30 minutes burns 90 calories. Running 30 minutes burns 300 calories. Playing a twosome for golf burns 80 calories. Weeding the garden for 30 minutes burns 150 calories. Inline skating or roller skating at a moderate pace for 30 minutes burns 210 calories. Dancing 30 minutes burns 150 calories. Find something you enjoy doing and have fun!...
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