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[WebHelp] SyncTocTooltip=Sync TOC InTopicSearchBtnText=Go JS_alert_InvalidExpression_3=Help FtsInputPrompt=Type in the word(s) to search for: Done=Done MergeError1=The merged Help system JS_alert_InvalidExpression_4=to learn how to use query expression.(To be finished) JS_alert_InitDatabaseFailed=Error: Failed to initialize database. JS_alert_cantLoadProject=Can't load project: MergeError2=is using a different language from the master Help system, which will cause the index and full-text search functionality to be disabled in the merged Help system. nls_body_instruction=Enter your question in the text box above, then click GO. ToolBarSearchBtnText=Go SuggestViewNoFrameMessage=To view the Help system without frames click on this Hide_Navigation_Component=Hide Navigation Component FtsBtnText=Go Title=Title TopicsFound=Topics Found LoadingContentsData=Loading, click here to cancel. .. Definition=Definition: CompletingContents=Completing Contents. .. GeneratedBy=Generated by PoweredBy=Powered by IndexAlphabetBookmarks=ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ IndexSelectTopicLabel=Select a topic, then click Display JS_alert_NotAllDatabaseInited=Warning: Not all databases have been loaded. Some topics will not be found. CantSearch=Cannot search for that phrase. LoadingIndex=Loading Index. .. LoadingData=Loading data, please wait. .. Show_Navigation_Component=Show Navigation Component Book=Book nls_body_empty=Sorry, we were unable to find a good answer for your question. nls_button_go_hint=Go Search FtsMaxResult=Search results per page FtsHilitePrompt=Highlight search results Find=Find CantOpenURLorFile=Can't open URL or file Print=Print About=About Author=Author IndexSelectTopicTitle=Select a Topic Blank_topic_text=This topic was created by WinHelp Project Conversion Wizard, and is the destination of a missing topic or broken hyperlink. BrowserLimitedMessage=Your browser does not support frames. We recommend that you update your browser to a version that supports frames. LoadingTOCItem=Loading Table of Contents: Display=Display Cancel=Cancel IndexSelectTopicError=Please select a topic. nls_edit_label=Type in your question: SearchLabel=Search Canceled=Canceled RelateTopicListPrompt=Click a topic, then click Display. NextTooltip=Next Topic
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This note was uploaded on 10/17/2011 for the course OA 110 taught by Professor Staff during the Spring '10 term at Community College of Philadelphia.

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robohhre - [WebHelp SyncTocTooltip=Sync TOC =Go...

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