whghost - / WebHelp 5.10.004 var gbXML=false; var gaDef=new...

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// WebHelp 5.10.004 var gbXML=false; var gaDef=new Array(); var gsBgColor="#ffffff"; var gsBgImage=""; var goFont=null; var goHoverFont=null; var gsMargin="2pt"; var gsIndent="2pt"; var gsActiveBgColor="#cccccc"; var gbWhGHost=false; var gbShowDef=true; var gsGloId="Glo_" function setBackground(sBgImage) { gsBgImage=sBgImage; } function setBackgroundcolor(sBgColor) { gsBgColor=sBgColor; } function setFont(sType,sFontName,sFontSize,sFontColor,sFontStyle,sFontWeight,sFontDecorat ion) { var vFont=new whFont(sFontName,sFontSize,sFontColor,sFontStyle,sFontWeight,sFontDecoration); if(sType=="Normal") goFont=vFont; else if(sType=="Hover") goHoverFont=vFont; } function setActiveBgColor(sBgColor) { gsActiveBgColor=sBgColor; } function setMargin(sMargin) { gsMargin=sMargin; } function setIndent(sIndent) { gsIndent=sIndent; } function insertDef(sKName,sDef) { var nLength=gaDef.length var oGlo=new nameDefPair(sKName,sDef); gaDef[nLength]=oGlo; return nLength; } function showDef(nDef) { if(nDef<gaDef.length) { HighLight(nDef);
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var oParam=gaDef[nDef]; var oMsg=new whMessage(WH_MSG_SHOWGLODEF,this,1,oParam); SendMessage(oMsg); } } function nameDefPair(sName,sDef) { this.sName=sName; this.sDef=sDef; } function mergeItems(oHTML,bDown,aDataCon,aCurIdxSet,nLength,aPos,nLevel)
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This note was uploaded on 10/17/2011 for the course OA 110 taught by Professor Staff during the Spring '10 term at Community College of Philadelphia.

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whghost - / WebHelp 5.10.004 var gbXML=false; var gaDef=new...

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