whmsg - =0x0801; var WH_MSG_GETSEARCHS =0x0802; var...

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// WebHelp 5.10.002 var WH_MSG_RESIZEPANE =0x0100; var WH_MSG_SHOWPANE =0x0101; var WH_MSG_HIDEPANE =0x0102; var WH_MSG_SYNCTOC =0x0103; var WH_MSG_NEXT =0x0104; var WH_MSG_PREV =0x0105; var WH_MSG_NOSEARCHINPUT =0x0106; var WH_MSG_NOSYNC =0x0107; var WH_MSG_ENABLEWEBSEARCH =0x0108; var WH_MSG_ISPANEVISIBLE =0x0109; var WH_MSG_PANESTATUE =0x010a; var WH_MSG_SYNCINFO =0x010b; var WH_MSG_PANEINFO =0x010c; var WH_MSG_WEBSEARCH =0x010d; var WH_MSG_SEARCHINDEXKEY =0x0201; var WH_MSG_SEARCHFTSKEY =0x020a; var WH_MSG_PROJECTREADY =0x0301; var WH_MSG_GETPROJINFO =0x0302; var WH_MSG_SHOWTOC =0x0401; var WH_MSG_SHOWIDX =0x0402; var WH_MSG_SHOWFTS =0x0403; var WH_MSG_SHOWGLO =0x0404; var WH_MSG_SHOWGLODEF =0x0500; var WH_MSG_GETTOCPATHS =0x0600; var WH_MSG_GETAVIAVENUES =0x0601; var WH_MSG_GETCURRENTAVENUE =0x0602; var WH_MSG_GETPANEINFO =0x0603; var WH_MSG_AVENUEINFO =0x0604; var WH_MSG_GETSTARTFRAME =0x0701; var WH_MSG_GETDEFAULTTOPIC =0x0702; var WH_MSG_SEARCHTHIS
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Unformatted text preview: =0x0801; var WH_MSG_GETSEARCHS =0x0802; var WH_MSG_ISINFRAMESET =0x0900; var WH_MSG_TOOLBARORDER =0x0a00; var WH_MSG_MINIBARORDER =0x0a01; var WH_MSG_ISSYNCSSUPPORT =0x0a02; var WH_MSG_ISSEARCHSUPPORT =0x0a03; var WH_MSG_GETPANETYPE =0x0a04; var WH_MSG_BACKUPSEARCH =0x0a05; var WH_MSG_GETPANES =0x0a06; var WH_MSG_INITSEARCHSTRING =0x0a07; var WH_MSG_RELOADNS6 =0x0a08; var WH_MSG_ISAVENUESUPPORT =0x0a09; var WH_MSG_GETCMD =0x0b00; var WH_MSG_GETPANE =0x0b01; var WH_MSG_GETDEFPANE =0x0b02; var WH_MSG_HILITESEARCH =0x0b03; var WH_MSG_GETSEARCHSTR =0x0b04; var WH_MSG_SETSYNSTR =0x0b05; var WH_MSG_GETMAXRSLT =0x0b06; var WH_MSG_SETNUMRSLT =0x0b07; var WH_MSG_GETNUMRSLT =0x0b08; function whMessage(nMessageId,wSender,nVersion,oParam) { this.nMessageId=nMessageId; this.wSender=wSender; this.nVersion=nVersion; this.oParam=oParam; } var gbWhMsg=true;...
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This note was uploaded on 10/17/2011 for the course OA 110 taught by Professor Staff during the Spring '10 term at Community College of Philadelphia.

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whmsg - =0x0801; var WH_MSG_GETSEARCHS =0x0802; var...

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