whproj - this.sDPath="";

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// WebHelp 5.10.001 var gaProj=new Array(); gaProj[0]=new project(""); function setLangId(sLangId) { gaProj[0].sLangId=sLangId; } function setDataPath(sPath) { if(sPath.length!=0) { if(sPath.lastIndexOf("/")!=sPath.length-1) sPath+="/"; gaProj[0].sDPath=sPath; } else gaProj[0].sDPath=""; } function addToc(sFile) { gaProj[0].sToc=sFile; } function addIdx(sFile) { gaProj[0].sIdx=sFile; } function addFts(sFile) { gaProj[0].sFts=sFile; } function addGlo(sFile) { gaProj[0].sGlo=sFile; } function addRemoteProject(sProjRelPath) { if(sProjRelPath.lastIndexOf("/")!=sProjRelPath.length-1) sProjRelPath+="/"; gaProj[gaProj.length]=new project(sProjRelPath); } function project(sPPath) { this.sPPath=sPPath; this.sLangId="";
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Unformatted text preview: this.sDPath=""; this.sToc=""; this.sIdx=""; this.sFts=""; this.sGlo=""; } window.onload=window_OnLoad; function window_OnLoad() { gsName=document.location.href; gsName=_replaceSlash(gsName); var nPos=gsName.lastIndexOf("/"); if(nPos!=-1) gaProj[0].sPPath=gsName.substring(0,nPos+1); else alert("Error in Loading navigation component. Please regenerate WebHelp."); patchPath(gaProj); if(parent&&parent!=this&& typeof(parent.putProjectInfo)=="function") { parent.putProjectInfo(gaProj); } } function patchPath(aProj) { for(var i=1;i<aProj.length;i++) { aProj[i].sPPath=_getFullPath(gaProj[0].sPPath,aProj[i].sPPath); } }...
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whproj - this.sDPath="";

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