Reservoir Report - INTRODUCTION The Aspen Falls Planning...

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INTRODUCTION The Aspen Falls Planning Board is planning a 40-million gallon reservoir called Aspen Falls Lake located on the wetlands near the north end of town spanning approximately 35,700 surface acres and affecting 50 acres of wetlands. However, in order to proceed with the Aspen Falls Lake, a permit from The Army Corps of Engineers 1 will be obtained before any construction can begin. 2 “The basic premise of the program is that no discharge of dredged or fill material may be permitted if: (1) a practicable alternative exists that is less damaging to the aquatic environment or (2) the nation’s waters would be significantly degraded. In other words, when you apply for a permit, you must show that you have, to the extent practicable taken steps to avoid wetland impacts; minimized potential impacts on wetlands; provided compensation for any remaining unavoidable impacts.” (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency n.d.) According to the EPA, an area that has environmental characteristics and meets the criteria of three categories: soils, vegetation, and hydrology” is considered a wetland . (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency n.d.) .
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Reservoir Report - INTRODUCTION The Aspen Falls Planning...

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