ch 5 Boolean Logical in Alice

ch 5 Boolean Logical in Alice - Boolean Logic in Alice An...

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Unformatted text preview: Boolean Logic in Alice An Introduction to Programming with Alice Boolean Functions Boolean Functions Functions in Alice that return Functions true or false values are called Boolean functions. called Alice has many such built-in Alice functions, such as these two groups of basic Boolean functions and comparison functions. functions. They can be found on the world’s functions tab They are used inside branching and looping instructions Boolean Functions Boolean Functions The Boolean comparison The functions can be used to create simple true or false conditions. conditions. Boolean Functions Boolean Functions The Boolean logic functions The can be used to create compound conditions. compound Boolean Functions Boolean Functions Alice has many other Alice world-level and objectworld-level llevel methods that return evel true or false values, such as the Boolean proximity functions shown here on aliceLiddel’s functions tab in the details area. in Boolean Functions Boolean Functions They can be used anywhere that a Boolean They value is needed, such as in this If/Else command. command. ...
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