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Assignment Project 4 - must be clearly pre K-12 focused and...

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Assignment Project 4 Formulate a Virtual Library Due: October 27, 2011 Project 4: Formulate a Virtual Library. Students will use a variety of Internet search engines to locate at least five educational web sites in their major area. You can use websites aimed at student instruction, curriculum integration or teacher resources. Students will use an evaluation form provided in class. The form to use is located on the Q drive in the WebSite Evaluation Assignment and Forms folder in the ED226 folder which is found in the BHearn folder within the Computer Technologies Folder. Web sites
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Unformatted text preview: must be clearly pre K-12 focused and not subject directories, search engines, university or school websites. This project counts toward 5 % of your final grade. One form per website. Reflective Writing: Write a short paragraph on what it was like to complete this assignment, how you found the websites to evaluate, and what criteria you used to locate them. This will be posted along with your evaluation forms on your portfolio....
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