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Educational Software Evaluation - mistakes and hitting...

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Assignment Project 1: Educational Software Evaluation Due: October 6, 2011 Project 1: Educational Software Evaluation. (5% of total grade) Identify and evaluate three software packages that have been installed in B2-43, that are available on CD-Rom or are available as free trial downloads. Students will use the Software Evaluation form as a guide to review and evaluate the software. This form can be found at Q:\Computer Technologies\BHearn\ED 226 Fall 2011\Software Evaluation Assignment and Form. You can type directly onto the form but if you want you can also print it out, fill it in and then type the information on the form afterwards. Please be sure to save a copy of the completed evaluation forms for your digital portfolio and attach them to your portfolio webpage. Hint : when you are saving the file, use the name of the software package as the file name so it will be easier to identify later. Start using the technology resource. Examine it from the student’s point of view, making
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Unformatted text preview: mistakes and hitting wrong keys. Examine it from a teacher’s perspective, and compare what it offers with what is needed in the classroom. Examine it as a supportive colleague and identify how else the resource might be used (e.g., which other grades, topics, etc.). Check if there is a user’s manual. Does it provide suggested activities or lesson plans? Also consider if there is alternate software currently available that already addresses the instructional objectives/needs. Reflective writing: Write a reflective statement that describes the activity and addresses your thoughts about the activity. Also, describe the potential use of one of the software packages in a classroom setting and how you would use that software and some way in which the software could be used with a diverse population of students (think of learning styles). This will be posted on your digital portfolio webpage for this particular assignment....
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