LectureNotes211 - C136 021108 Weibe is core to the course....

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C136 021108 Weibe is core to the course. Quintessential document. basic thesis is about modernization. the course of bureaucracy=modernization= urbanization= big business= something like ‘understanding what’s going in on’ in development of economy, people’s moods= management. feel that you understand and have a certain type of control. W. gives us the sense that these new bur. are liberating. new middle class of professionals feels liberated by bur. doesn’t give us any sense as to what the lib. might be other than from rural mythologies about the world. bur. world can overcome rural sense. overcoming island communities. distinguishing characteristic of period. [ the pit : people feel like they have unlimited potential, power, control, etc. where does that come from? what is it about this period that generates it?] W. indicates that if bur. imagination and practices catch on and define modernity, and the president (TR or taft or Wilson) really institutionalizes, it would seem the new middle class has won the day. no, it’s ironic. no matter what you do, even with successes, you end up not achieving what you set out to do. 122—“loose framework valuable for purposes). every time human agents try to do something successful, something goes wrong. someone claimed W. is a throwback to 19th-cent theories of history. narrative theorist. W. works w/ literary trope of irony. Philosophers of 19th cent. [historians deal with facts, must put them in order. seriality. temporality. resort to some sort of rhetorical, narrative device.] Once you institutionalize something, it becomes something different. W. depends on us knowing a lot about history already. deals with subtle things. by 1912, everyone’s prog.
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LectureNotes211 - C136 021108 Weibe is core to the course....

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