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software - 8 Included graphics and animations are...

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S S OFTWARE OFTWARE E E VALUATION VALUATION F F ORM ORM ©2000 -07 Kathleen Schrock (k [email protected] ) Title of program: Year: Producer of program: Cost: Subject area (s): Grade(s): General Information Strongly agree Agree Disagree N/A 1 The directions are clear and easy to follow for the intended age group. 2 Useful directions are available via a written manual or on-screen help. 3 It is easy for the students to exit the program. 4 Students may start up where they left off in the program. 5 Searching for certain items is simple and complex searches may be done. 6 The program functions well on the computer and is free from bugs. 7 The program is enjoyable to use.
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Unformatted text preview: 8 Included graphics and animations are meaningful. 9 Sound can be turned on/off. 10 The program automatically branches based on student responses. 11 The user level can be set by the teacher. 12 The software contains a useful management tool for the teacher. 13 The software covers a wide range of skill levels. Features of the Software Presentation Simulation Tutorial Reference Tool/Authoring Drill and practice Image editing Word processing Standard addressed: Category of the Software Computer Platform/Processor: CD/ROM: YES NO Hard drive space needed: Sound: YES NO RAM needed: Other? Technical Information Other Thoughts...
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