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Unformatted text preview: ON THE HORIZON Scientists, computer engineers, and entrepreneurs of all kinds are working to develop new and improved hardware devices that will make information access faster and easier. After all, much is at stake—the millions and billions of dollars in revenue to be shared by successful individuals and companies. Inventors are also motivated by the great satisfaction that comes with creating something new and better. Increased Optical Disk Storage Capacity Computer users needing huge storage capacities may be pleased with a new type of optical disk storage called FMD-ROM. A Fluorescent Multi-Layer Disk (FMD) holds up to 140 gigabytes (GB) of data. This capacity is currently 215 times greater than a CD-ROM (0.65 GB) and 23 times greater than a DVD- ROM (6 GB). FMD-ROM disks contain fluorescent materials embedded in the pits and grooves of all 10 or more layers. The fluorescent materials are stimulated to produce coherent and incoherent light when in contact with a laser. Data is stored in the incoherent light. Because the technology is not based on contact with a laser....
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