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WordSpellCheck01 - ON THE HORIZON The march of computer...

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Unformatted text preview: ON THE HORIZON The march of computer tecnology continues to change the nature of our jobs and workplaces. Considering the global economic and technology scene, some major changes in occupatoins involve changes in communications media, work locations, and communications tools. Communications Media One key to being successful in our modern, technological world is spotting a trends early and adjusting one’s career direction accordingly. For example, 80 percent of daily newspaper readers are over 50 years old. Young reader are not as interested in the printed word, and each year the industry suffers from a shrinking number of subscriptions. The young are still reading, but they are reading online media sites rather than the printed page. Web sites make excelent dynamic newspapers, as they can be changed at will, they require no printing or distribution costs, and they do not require the newspaper delivery person to go door-to-door asking for payment. This gradual switch to the new media is causing many jobs to to go door-to-door asking for payment....
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