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English 136 Class Notes 2/15 What Happened In The Tunnel (1903): Railroad film to think about in the context of Plessy v. Ferguson decision? Switching of white and black women; substitution inherently humorous. African American maid as sexual substitute for white woman. What is the nature of the joke in this film? This kind of film is difficult to read. o Can be read as feminist film. o The railroad disorients. Cinema and railroad combined become a crisis of vision. D.W. Griffith’s A Girl and Her Trust (1912): The issue for us to think about is the possible competition between the cinema-of-attractions and the diegesis. o Telegraph operator, “Grace” is admired by all…Consider relationship between telegraph/railroad/cinema. The chase sequence competes with the narrative for
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Unformatted text preview: our attention: • Speed: exciting and frightening. Is this a serious narrative in which Griffith is just combing COA? • Symmetrical narrative: in the end, the hero saves the day. Issue of sharing and stealing kisses. • Suspense of the chase and of the kidnapping of the young woman; also in the lave relationship between the station-master and young woman. • Manual versus mechanical labor? Cinematic contrast. • Cinema at this time is a popular/vulgar form of entertainment for lower classes, but because narrative becomes so sophisticated, the films like DWG’s and The Cheat , that there’s no way to revert to just cinema of attractions • Narrative cinema limits the possibilities of film...
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