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NewAge Dental Services 2009 Fee Revenue Summary Service Provided Dentist FeesBilled Cleanings and Fillings Popovich 32,553.24 Teeth Whitening Popovich 28,645.25 Bonding Popovich 40,250.45 Porcelain Veneers Popovich 52,136.52 Crowns and Bridges Popovich 37,985.26 Full and Partial Dentures Popovich 37,652.12 Emergency Extractions Popovich 3,645.87 Root Canals Popovich 25,123.54 General Examination Vanket 9,125.45 Cleanings and Fillings Vanket 22,152.34 Teeth Whitening Vanket 17,653.25 Bonding Vanket 8,854.12 Porcelain Veneers Vanket 5,567.85 Crowns and Bridges
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Unformatted text preview: Vanket 20,124.52 Full and Partial Dentures Vanket 28,653.25 Emergency Extractions Vanket 1,574.85 Root Canals Vanket 7,562.84 General Examination Jovanovic 10,652.84 Cleanings and Fillings Jovanovic 38,152.48 Teeth Whitening Jovanovic 4,865.32 Bonding Jovanovic 20,657.49 Porcelain Veneers Jovanovic 10,965.22 Crowns and Bridges Jovanovic 28,462.54 Full and Partial Dentures Jovanovic 39,124.75 Emergency Extractions Jovanovic 1,655.24 Root Canals Jovanovic 12,745.62...
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