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PizzabyMario-TargetFranchises - 137 September Keith...

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Pizza by Mario Franchise Target Franchise Startups for 2012 by State City State Store No Month Prospective Franchisee Chicago Illinois 122 January Doranda Pepelassis Chicago Illinois 128 March Adrian Vosburg Peoria Illinois 130 May Ana Peterson Rockford Illinois 134 July Perry Thibeault Ft. Wayne Indiana 123 January Corporate-owned Indianapolis Indiana 129 March Dario Galiano Indianapolis Indiana 132 June Gordon Lesniewski Lexington Kentucky 126 February Steve Cummings Lexington Kentucky 133 June Antonio Barbosa Louisville Kentucky 131 May Terri Enriquez Louisville Kentucky
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Unformatted text preview: 137 September Keith Lawrence St. Louis Missouri 124 January Corporate-owned St. Louis Missouri 139 October Tori Scarpelli Springfield Missouri 127 February Alice Wexler Bloomington Minnesota 125 January Kayla Racicot Bloomington Minnesota 135 July Corporate-owned Minneapolis Minnesota 136 August Art Mickolwin Minneapolis Minnesota 138 September Amanda Gourdreau St. Paul Minnesota 140 October Gina Carvalo St. Paul Minnesota 141 November George Lazenby...
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