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Precision-BulkPriceList - PD-4415"EO" Container A...

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Precision Design and Packaging Bulk Container Products Price List Discount Table Description Discount PD-1140 Gaylord with lid A 18.67 A 10% PD-2185 Premium Gaylord with lid C 22.50 B 12% PD-1150 Gaylord bottom B 14.53 C 15% PD-1155 Gaylord lid D 5.25 D 18% PD-3695 Telescoping top and bottom A 18.54 E 20% PD-3698 Telescoping bottom A 17.65 PD-3699 Telescoping top A 17.65 PD-4100 Additional lids for telescoping containers D 9.88 PD-4200 "D" 4 piece container A 7.75 PD-4415
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Unformatted text preview: PD-4415 "EO" Container A 8.25 PD-5367 "EH" Container A 12.75 PD-6418 "E" Container A 17.54 PD-7459 Economy R.S.C. E 8.56 PD-8854 Premium R.S.C. C 18.17 PD-9101 Corrugated pads 15 x 15 E 1.10 PD-9105 Corrugated pads 20 x 12 E 1.14 PD-9110 Corrugated pads 24 x 18 E 1.17 PD-9115 Corrugated pads 30 x 30 E 1.09 Model Number Discount Category List Price Net Price Discount Category Discount Percent...
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