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Got Sleepy Roommates

Got Sleepy Roommates - more than an arm’s length away...

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Got Sleepy Roommates? Do you keep on waking up to your roommate’s alarm? It’s annoying, isn’t it? You just lay there waiting for them to never wake up! Well, here’s a clever way to get back at them and have fun at the same time. Alarm Clocks not doing the Trick? It is proven in certain cases such as this that the human subconscious becomes accustomed to certain alarm clock tones. After using them to wake up for so long, the human mind will often block out the alarm. The whole point of an alarm is to create a loud, annoying noise that is different from what the mind is used to hearing. You might just talk them into getting a new alarm clock, but their subconscious will simply adapt to the new frequency. Alarm clocks are clearly failing to do the trick these days!
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The Dream Popper is Here! We have developed a new way of waking up your sleeping roommate that will never be
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Unformatted text preview: more than an arm’s length away. There will be no need to leave the comfort of your covers. What your roommate needs in order to wake up is a sudden, loud noise that is not tonal and repeating. The Dream Popper is designed to sit on your desk between your bed and that of your roommate. When you wake up as you normally do to your roommate’s alarm, simply reach over and set off the mechanism on your side to pop the balloon on the other side and enjoy watching your roommate wake up to a brutally sudden explosion! If your roommate continues to have problems waking up to his/her alarm, you can always use the Dream Popper repeatedly. (It is much more fun that way.) In most cases, though, just the threat of using the Dream Popper a second time has brought sleepy roommates back into the conscious world. Either way, your sleepy roommate problem will be neutralized....
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Got Sleepy Roommates - more than an arm’s length away...

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