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Citizenship Project - cycle likewise neither can it...

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Matthew Francis American Heritage 100, Section 48 5 December 2008 Citizenship Project For my citizenship service project, I volunteered as a tutor in the TOPS organization at the local Centennial Middle School. In doing such, I was able to make a difference by working one-on-one with an eighth grader, Sebastian Leduvo, in Pre-Algebra, and then staying after class with his teacher to discuss his individual progress and shortcomings aiding her in her decisions of how best to approach his specific needs. This has the potential to change this kid’s academic life by allowing him to realize the truth that people do care about his personal learning and that giving up is not the best thing to do. This project of tutoring a student in need illuminates the principles that we have been studying this past semester in American Heritage. An educated society is vital both to the foundation and the continuation of a successful nation. Without a respectable amount of collective education, no group of people can successfully break out of the human predicament
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Unformatted text preview: cycle; likewise, neither can it continue to hold itself above the vicious circle of human nature after separating from it. Thus, it is essential that we, as citizens, strive to bring up those around us to be the best they can be. It is our duty to help, in any way we can, to make this nation what it needs to become. As Gandhi preached, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” Everyone needs to contribute to the great cause of America to keep it on track. I believe that if every discouraged, struggling child was given individual attention, this nation would be stronger and more cooperative. Crime would decrease, and America would become a better and more desirable place to live. I hope, as American citizens and American Heritage students, that we will not forget the necessities of education and lending a helping hand to the prosperity of this nation....
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Citizenship Project - cycle likewise neither can it...

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