A Call to Reestablish Priorities

A Call to Reestablish Priorities - A Call to Reestablish...

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A Call to Reestablish Priorities Matthew Francis xcfrank@byu.net A HTG 100, Sec. 48 Professor Matthew Holland 21 November 2008
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It is the first thing flight attendants stress before take-off: ‘in the case of an emergency, secure your own oxygen mask before assisting those around you.’ In other words: “save your life before trying to save someone else’s.” Similarly, athletic teams do not hire people to coach unless they have previously displayed excellence in that sport. And again, this same principle is even found in the Holy Bible; we read in Luke chapter twenty-two that Jesus Christ tells Peter only “when thou art converted, strengthen thy brethren” (Luke 22.32). This principle is universally acknowledged; a bit of wisdom spread throughout every culture, due to its extensive truth. That truth being that someone or something is in no position to help another when its own self is yet inadequate. This principle can just as well be applied to the foreign policy agenda of the United States. As a nation, America needs to have stability for its own citizens before it can expect itself to aid foreign nations. It is not the intent of the flight attendant for children to suffer from a lack of assistance but rather that those around them secure their own safety prior to offering the necessary help. Likewise, it is not as if Peter was an unrighteous person—he was, in fact, an Apostle at the time—but yet he still had some areas in which he needed to strengthen himself before he would be positioned to serve those around him. Even though aiding the citizens of other countries in need can be a virtuous action, until America is adequately aiding its own citizens in need, it is not in the position—except under extreme
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A Call to Reestablish Priorities - A Call to Reestablish...

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