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Test Questions--Extra Credit

Test Questions--Extra Credit - D None of the above God is...

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1. According to 4 Nephi 1:1 and class discussion, what is the first step to creating a Zion society? A. Have all members of community repent of their sins B. Form a church C. Ensure all marriages are performed in the temple D. Have no contention among the people 2. According to 4 Nephi 1:15 and class discussion, what will infallibly stop contention and war within a group of people? A. Having humility B. Having strict punishments for disobedience to laws C. Having the love of God in your heart D. Both A and C E. All of the above 3. According to Mormon 9, why did God cease to be a God of miracles? A. Because of the iniquities of the people B. Because with the death of Christ, the need for miracles has past C. Because we now have the Priesthood on the Earth, making miracles unnecessary
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Unformatted text preview: D. None of the above; God is still a God of miracles 4. Why did God grant unto the brother of Jared his desires, as stated in Ether 1:43? A. Because God was already planning on doing those things before he asked B. Because of the long time which he prayed to God C. Because of his faith alone that God would grant him whatever he asked D. Because of the exceeding diligence that he displayed in preaching to the Jaredites 5. According to Moroni 7:12-13, how can you know if an idea is coming from God? A. You will have a voice, not your own, testify of it in your mind B. You will see an angel C. It will entice you to do good D. It tests your faith in the Lord...
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