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Signs of the Savior's Coming

Signs of the Savior's Coming - Matthew Francis REL A 122...

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Matthew Francis REL A 122, Section 15 Dr. Marsh Signs for the Savior’s Coming The events or signs that I chose to read were 'signs designed to save mankind; no cause for unbelief,' 'people reject the prophets,' 'pride and evil in the Church,' 'gospel preached to all people,' and 'people become children of Christ; Satan has no power.' Some of the things that impressed me about the readings were how much Christ and our Heavenly Father want us to believe and repent! They are one hundred percent behind us and on our side! It is basically said in Helaman 14 that everything that can be done to convince us is being done, and if we do not believe "they bring upon themselves their condemnation." He is doing everything He can for us save doing it for us! He is not like the teacher that goes through our work with the red pen dripping, looking for every possible place to dock points off from. In fact, it is quite the opposite! He tries to encourage us no matter where we are, no matter what situations we are in. Also, it strikes
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