Eleventh Annual Religious Education Student Symposium

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Eleventh Annual Religious Education Student Symposium—Notes February 27, 2009 A Harmony of the First Vision – Michael Baldwin -Joseph Smith taught many people and taught in a different way to adapt to the needs of each individual—because of that accounts of First Vision are unique and different. -Ten Accounts of First Vision -Purpose of paper was to harmonize the individualities of each account -If I revealed all I know—no man would stand with me/God would kill me ~Paraphrase from Joseph Smith -Many more details learned in the harmonized account than in simply the scriptural version. -Very significant that Joseph Smith makes the point that the Father and Son look exactly alike in appearance. -All accounts bear the same message (They appeared to Joseph Smith.) -Either the vision happened or did not happen—our religion hinges on it Mercy and the Nephites – Joseph Ostenson -D&C 10:63-67 -1 Nephi 1:20 -Two above passages show purpose of the Book of Mormon (mercy of the Lord) -Typology: type=symbol or anticipation; antitype=clarifies previous type
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