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Supp. Lesson #6 Pre-Assignment

Supp. Lesson #6 Pre-Assignment - The important points Elder...

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The important points Elder Maxwell makes that can help us resist the tugs and pulls of the world are many. The most powerful of these he says is that of the Gift of the Holy Ghost. We can use the promptings from the Holy Ghost to direct us in life and help us know what is for our benefit and what is hindering us. He lists other things that will aid us in staving off the natural man which consist of personal righteousness, worship, prayer, and scripture study. Another very applicable piece of counsel is that having good friends can make an incredible difference in eliminating the external pressures of evil coming from those close to you. A quote I thought was very interesting and struck me was that “God's plan is not the plan of pleasure; it is the ‘plan of happiness.’” The hard doctrine of discipleship is that in order to be a true disciple of Christ and our Heavenly Father, we must submit our wills to that of the Lord’s. We have to allow “our wills to be swallowed up in God’s will,” as he puts it. It is the only possession we can
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