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Scripture Use Tutorial

Scripture Use Tutorial - Tutorial for Open Scripture Exams...

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Tutorial for Open Scripture Exams The open scripture exams for this class are designed both to test your knowledge of the material we are studying and to help you develop facility in using your scriptures to find answers to questions of many types. The intent is that this skill in using your scriptures will be one you will continue to develop and exercise throughout your life, for as Nephi said, “. . . the words of Christ will tell you all things what you should do” (2 Nephi 32:3). Note: This tutorial is prepared for students taking any scripture courses. If sample questions used here are not taken from the particular book of scripture you are studying, that is all right: the principles still apply. This tutorial will be most helpful if you follow in your own scriptures each of the steps described. It will take a little time, but the process will help you feel more familiar with your scriptures. For some of you, most of this may be review, but the time spent reviewing should still be beneficial, especially in preparing you for the type pf exam questions you will encounter. And you might even learn something new! The LDS editions of the scriptures include many study aids that you can use to search for specific scriptures, for scriptures relating to particular topics, and for answers to questions. These aids include Introductory materials (descriptions, explanations, testimonies, etc.) Table of Contents Chapter Headings (give a brief summary of each chapter; for Doctrine and Covenants, also give historical background) Footnotes (related scriptures in all four standard works, Greek or Hebrew translations, Topical Guide references, explanatory material, brief excerpts from the Joseph Smith Translation, approximate dates) Topical Guide (follows the Bible; lists scripture references according to topic and/or key word in all four standard works) Bible Dictionary (gives definitions, explanations, and identifications of scriptural words, names, places, and concepts) Joseph Smith Translation (selected excerpts from the Joseph Smith Translation of the Bible that are too lengthy to be included as footnotes) Gazetteer and Maps (enables you to locate places and follow travels in different places and at different time periods covered by the scriptures) Pronouncing Guide (follows the Book of Mormon; aids in pronouncing Book of Mormon names) Chronological Order of Contents (lists sections of the Doctrine and Covenants in chronological order and gives locations where they were given) Index (follows Pearl of Great Price in a Triple Combination; gives scriptural references according to topic and/or key word for the Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, and Pearl of Great Price; does not always duplicate the Topical Guide)
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Pictures (Photographs of scriptural historic places) All of these study aids may be useful to you as you search for answers to exam questions or life questions. No resources other than scriptures and your notes in them may be used for exams.
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