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Gospel Question Assignment

Gospel Question Assignment - Matthew Francis REL A 121 12 3...

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Matthew Francis REL A 121, 12 3 March 2009 Gospel Question Assignment Gospel Topic: For this assignment, the Gospel principle or topic I chose to research and ponder over is that of the Atonement and repentance, more specifically though, how an individual knows when his sins have been completely forgiven of, and he is clean in the sight of God. It is repetitively taught and preached the various steps of repentance in the Church, but never is it really discussed—possibly due to the immense variation in method from person to person—how someone knows when their offering is sufficient enough to be accepted by God as worthy of having the Savior’s blood wash the sin from them. As I prepare for a mission and being a direct servant of the Lord for two years, I know that the only effective way to teach the children of God is to teach by the Spirit of God. To teach by the Spirit, I have to have and be worthy of the Spirit. This all leads back to the original question of how does one know that his sins have been completely forgiven, allowing him to have the influence of the Spirit guiding him at all times. More than anything I want to have the peace that accompanies total worthiness to overwhelm my soul granting me an assurance of my readiness to serve the Lord with all my being. I truly hope that throughout this assignment some light starts to be shed on this increasingly pressing dilemma in my life. Insight Gained Though GQA: I feel this was a very beneficial experience to both my learning/research knowledge and my agitated spirit. I have come to a more clear knowledge of the Atonement, its workings, and God’s plan for me here in mortality. I was never expected to be perfect; I was only asked to do everything I could. If I can be striving with all my might, mind, and heart to keep the commandments and do those things the Lord would have me do, then the Lord’s sacrifice will “make me holy” so that I am able to be the most effective missionary possible over the course of the next two years. I have also learned of many tools designed to aid me in my studies of various Gospel topics that will help me come to a better understanding of my Father in Heaven throughout my life. The most beneficial knowledge I have gained of the research process is that answers come from the Spirit and not from the words of the prophets alone. Only when effort is fully exerted into the process is true personal inspiration found. Also, it is fascinating to note that often feelings of unworthiness are brought upon us by the deceiving hand of the “Father of lies” who wants nothing more than us to shrink in misery and doubt. I truly hope that as I continue to strive for righteousness and pray diligently that I will have a firm knowledge of my worthiness and have the divine power of the Spirit to be with me to take my testimony of Christ and “carrieth it unto the hearts of the children of men” where I am called to serve.
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