121 Final Exam Winter 2009

121 Final Exam Winter 2009 - Name: Matthew Francis Religion...

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Name: Matthew Francis Religion 121--Book of Mormon Final Exam Winter 2009 Sister Burgon This is it! In a little while, you will have completed this semester's study of the Book of Mormon. But I hope this will be just the beginning of your life-long study of this marvelous book of scripture. Thank you for the privilege and blessing of studying with you. I pray that your testimony has been increased through your efforts and by the Holy Ghost and that you will take the Spirit with you as you leave this class so that you can be led, strengthened, and taught. I know that your continued study of the Book of Mormon will help to guide you through your life and will bring you closer to God and to your exaltation. I truly pray that you will be faithful so that the Lord can bless you throughout your life and all eternity. The purpose of this exam is to demonstrate your ability to use your scriptures effectively in applying them to real-life situations. The hope is that if you can use your scriptures well to answer the following questions, you will also be able to use them well to help you with the real questions and challenges that arise in your own life. Please remember that the scriptures open the channel to personal revelation. Answer the following questions by giving at least two applicable Book of Mormon references and by quoting the pertinent portions of those scriptures so that it is clear how they pertain to the question. In other words, tell where each scripture is found and what it says. Since this is a Book of Mormon class, please limit yourself to the Book of Mormon, but you may use the entire Book of Mormon, not just the half we studied. Choose the most applicable scriptures you can find—not just anything remotely related to the topic. Please do not include your own explanation and commentary. Your scriptures should be so clearly applicable that they speak for themselves. (International students may use a dictionary and scriptures in their native language, as well as in English.) When you have completed the exam, e-mail it to me at jburgon@gmail.com by 5:00 pm on Wednesday, April 22. Please put “121 Final” as the subject line and copy and paste your exam answers as the body of the e-mail. (This avoids the problem of some files not opening due to the use of different computer programs.) I will acknowledge receipt of your final through a brief e-mail response. If you have not received an e-mail acknowledgement by the morning of Wednesday, April 22 (assuming you have submitted the final by then) please call me at 224-9490 to assure that your final was not somehow lost. Thanks! 1. Suppose your friend is experiencing some difficult trials and wonders how God could really exist or love him/her if He allows such painful things to happen to people. What Book of Mormon scriptures could you use to help your friend better understand the purpose of afflictions and adversity? Scripture 1: (Alma 14: 11) “…and he doth suffer that they may do this thing, or that the people may do
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121 Final Exam Winter 2009 - Name: Matthew Francis Religion...

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