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Matthew Francis Econ 110, Section 1 Professor Pope 25 March 2009 New Ideas from Dead Economists —Book Report I have read, not skimmed, 100% of the Buchholz book. The intent of this book is to truly understand the ideas and lessons presented by great economists of the past to prevent society from plummeting back into the rioting chaos of eleventh century Europe. Americans presently enjoy the bliss of a blaring misconception that “the present is a minimum,” and that things will always continue to progress and improve. The book reveals a startling reality, however, that “every year that the industrialized nations avoid a new dark age, we set a record for humankind.” This paper aims to outline these various lessons from a few of the most prominent minds as length permits. Fittingly, the book opens with the ‘father of modern economics,’ Adam Smith. Beginning his career as a moral philosopher, he suggested what we know to be the Light of Christ guiding people to act with a degree of righteous restraint, illustrated in his publication The Theory of Moral Sentiments . Shortly thereafter, Smith found his place as the most brilliant economic mind of his time when the book he was writing to simply pass the time,
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Econ Book Report - Matthew Francis Econ 110, Section 1...

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