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Personal Application Paper - Matthew Francis REL A 121,...

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REL A 121, Section 52 Brother Terry 11 December 2008 Personal Application Paper As I sat there Sunday, November 16 th , trying to think of something I learned from the scriptures to apply to my life and better myself in, I thought of what areas I thought I could, and needed to, strengthen myself in. The first thing that came to my mind was the virtue of patience. I remembered from Mosiah 24:15 where it talks of Alma and his brethren and how “they did submit cheerfully and with patience to all the will of the Lord.” I realized what a night-and-day difference this was to my state of constant complaint and self-pity. Who would rather be miserable when they could be ‘cheerful?’ I decided that to live this scripture I would not complain of anything and try to be as cheerful as possible about all my responsibilities. Whenever I felt frustration coming on I said a silent prayer to my Father in heaven to bless me with the spirit of patience and peace. I could feel the difference almost immediately. Things that often unnerved me went unnoticed or were even laughed at. My relationship with my roommate became less burdensome and even to the point at which I did not mind him at all. It was not as if it came without effort, but the result of happiness was well worth the price. I realized that our environment neither controls us nor our emotions. We have the potential to become
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Personal Application Paper - Matthew Francis REL A 121,...

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