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Grading Method: Computer Only Computer & Instructor Instructor Only Thank you. Your responses have been computer graded. Here are your results. Final score: 2 out of 6 ( 33 %) 0 6 0% 100% You have 2 attempts remaining. To review the information presented in this section, please consult pages 170-171 of your textbook. Exercise answers: You will hear a series of definitions. Each will be said twice. Select the word defined by each. Es algo que normalmente se come para el desayuno. la zanahoria (your response) • los huevos (correct answer) Points earned: 0 out of 1 1. View exercise Es una verdura verde que se usa en las ensaladas.
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Unformatted text preview: • la lechuga (correct answer, your response) • la langosta Points earned: 1 out of 1 2. View exercise Es un líquido blanco que se sirve con los cereales. • la leche (correct answer, your response) • el vino blanco Points earned: 1 out of 1 3. View exercise Es algo que se hace con pan, queso, carne fría y lechuga. • un postre (your response) • un sándwich (correct answer) Points earned: 0 out of 1 4. Try again C. Definiciones http://www.mhcentro.com/servlets/quia.activities.common.ActivityPlaye. .. 1 of 1 3/25/2011 10:54 PM...
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