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Grading Method: Computer Only Computer & Instructor Instructor Only Thank you. Your responses have been computer graded. Here are your results. Final score: 0 out of 2 ( 0 %) 0 2 0% 100% You have 2 attempts remaining. To review the information presented in this section, please consult page 192 of your textbook. See also Grammar Tutorial 20 . Exercise answers: You will hear an ad for a new restaurant that is opening soon. Listen carefully and select the appropriate answers based on the information you hear in the ad. • hacer reservaciones (correct answer) • vestirse formalmente • pedir el pescado (correct answer) • pedir una hamburguesa • llegar temprano (correct answer) • pagar con tarjeta de crédito (correct answer) • pagar al contado ( in cash ) (correct answer) Points earned: 0 out of 1
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