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MUSC205 Paper #4 Kanye West’s “All of the Lights” is the fourth single off of his new album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy . In Kanye’s fifth studio album, he broadens his musical pallet, drawing from a wide range of influences including classical, R&B, soul, etc. “All of the Lights” is a great representation of the album as a whole as well as Kanye’s evolution as a producer/composer/rapper. Thus, the song’s blend of complex composition, varied musical styles, and its interpretive lyrics are why this song has been a favorite of mine since it was released. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is classified as a hip hop/rap album yet the music transcends any compartmentalization into a single genre. By discussing the album simply within the context of hip hop, it is impossible to do the album, and the song “All of the Lights”, justice. Instead I think it more fitting to analyze the song while consciously realizing the influences and blending of other genres. Upon first listening to “All of the Lights”, the immediate thing that stood out to me was the complex song structure. Most hip hop songs are simple verse chorus forms with a catchy hook; each verse having the same music and the chorus having slightly different music with a possible feature. Initially, Kanye (also called just ‘Ye) follows this simple structure with an ABABAB format. However, immediately following the last chorus a new section (C) appears. C is followed by a new section, D, which serves as a bridge to A’ (section similar to A but slightly different). This type of composition is
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MUSC205.Paper4 - Matt Hines MUSC205 Paper #4 Kanye Wests...

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