Eng101, rhetorical analysis of an OP-ED

Eng101, rhetorical analysis of an OP-ED - Matt Hines Eng101...

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Matt Hines Eng101 Sec. 1112 10/13/09 Flag Burning A few months ago, Congress considered a constitutional amendment to ban the desecration of the American flag. In response to such consideration, esteemed law professor Eugene Volokh expressed his opinion in the Wall Street Journal. Even though according to Volokh the proposal “probably won’t get enough votes,” he deems it critical to clarify “one longstanding misunderstanding about the First Amendment.” Volokh, a self-proclaimed libertarian leaning-conservative, is likely to appeal to the Wall Street Journal’s largely conservative audience. However, Volokh’s stance on flag burning seems to contradict a fundamental conservative ideal. In order to persuade his fellow conservatives, Volokh establishes credibility through historical interpretations of the First Amendment as well as his personal background. Once his credibility is established, Volokh is able to appeal to logical reasoning, the basis of his argument. In an OP-ED intended for the right leaning moderate, Volokh makes an appealing argument to those unsure of their opinion on flag burning. Before Volokh is able to make an argument based on logical reasoning, he must establish credibility with the audience. Volokh is able to do so through prior works in addition to text in the flag burning OP-ED. As mentioned before, Volokh is a self proclaimed libertarian leaning conservative. Thus, conservatives will be more receptive to assertions made by Volokh. When Volokh challenges a fundamental conservative ideal such as the opposition towards flag burning, it is more likely his arguments will be taken seriously since he is a conservative himself. The author is also noted for his works
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regarding the first and second amendment. Therefore, his opinion on the constitutional legitimacy of flag burning may be more valued than one who does not have the level of expertise as does Volokh. In the first couple paragraphs of the OP-ED, Volokh introduces the opposing
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Eng101, rhetorical analysis of an OP-ED - Matt Hines Eng101...

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