Engl101, Rhetorical Analysis of an Ad

Engl101, Rhetorical Analysis of an Ad - Matt Hines Eng101...

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Matt Hines Eng101 Sec. 1112 9/24/09 Carlos Mencia, a successful American comedian, plays an ordinary guy hanging out at the bar with a few friends in Bud Light’s new commercial. While they drink Bud Lights, Carlos Mencia gives tips on how to pick up chicks. When they break up to put Mencia’s advice into action, one man from the group, still drinking a Bud Light, flirts with an attractive woman at Mencia’s expense. “Endless refreshment from start to finish, Bud Light keeps it coming”. The seemingly simple and comedic commercial on the surface is actually portraying a specific image or lifestyle that, according to the advertisement writers, can only be reached by using its product. Therefore, in an effort to achieve the much desired image or lifestyle, the viewer will want to acquire the advertised product. Susan Bordo, a professor of English at University of Kentucky said, “They (referring to her students) understand that you can be as cynical as you want about the ads-and many of them are-and still feel powerless to resist their messages.” Bordo’s quote reinforces the true intentions of the ad makers as well as the sometimes helplessness of the viewers. By appealing to deep seated beliefs and credibility, the Bud Light ad makers are able to effectively persuade the viewer to want to purchase Bud Light. The ad makers do not appeal to logical reasoning to persuade its viewers because
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Engl101, Rhetorical Analysis of an Ad - Matt Hines Eng101...

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