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PHYS105, Assignment #1

PHYS105, Assignment #1 - I also was amused at the small...

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Matt Hines Assignment #1 Sec. 0102 Barrack Obama first introduced his energy policy in the Union address when he discussed his emphasis on clean energy. He stated that the large investments in clean energy would stimulate jobs to aid in the recovery of the economy. Obama also discussed policies which would encourage companies to invest in clean energy as opposed to fossil fuels. Such as increased subsidies to clean energy users or a cap and trade system. The production of more nuclear power plants was also mentioned. Obama discussed the increased exploration of off shore areas for drilling. Further focus and investment in advanced biofuels and clean coal technologies. I found President Obama’s State of the Union Address to be quite ambitious, however informative nonetheless.
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Unformatted text preview: I also was amused at the small number of times members of the GOP stood to clap in comparison to members of the Democratic Party. Specifically regarding the comments on energy policy, I agree in principle with many of the initiatives mentioned in the address. For one, I believe a cap and trade system in addition to increased subsidies for clean energy would, if done properly, greatly reduce this nation’s ecological footprint as well as put the United States in a better position economically in the future. Investment in clean energy is needed, even if such investment may reduce profit margins for some initially. Obama is correct when he states that failure to invest in clean energy will greatly hinder the United state in a global economy down the road....
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