PHYS105, Assignment #2

PHYS105, Assignment #2 - Matt Hines PHYS105 Assignment #2...

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Matt Hines PHYS105 Assignment #2 Name of Article: Reproducing in Cities Source: the academic journal Science of the American Association of the Advancement of Science. Author: Ruth Mace Is this source credible? Why or why not? Yes I believe that the source is credible. The article was written authored by Ruth Mace, a professor of Anthropology. One of her main focuses in her academic journals is on adaptive explanations for the demographic transition to low fertility. The article was found in the peer-reviewed journal Science , which is published by the American Association for the Advancement of Science. While the motives of this institution are clearly pro-science, the journal is peer critiqued (by professors in relevant fields) to insure accuracy and precision. In addition, the organization is non-profit, which erases any economic motive that could decrease its credibility. The article is fairly recent and all claims and data are still relevant today. What is the main issue of the article? The article focuses on reproducing in cities and how the population flow from rural to
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PHYS105, Assignment #2 - Matt Hines PHYS105 Assignment #2...

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