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Comm107-Interview Outline - Matt Hines Comm 107 Interview...

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Matt Hines Comm 107 Interview Outline Introduction: Hi Dan. How are you doing today? (Pause and wait for response) My name is Matt Hines and I’m taking a communications class this semester at University of Maryland. In this class, we have been discussing communication issues within the work environment. For an assignment in the class, we must interview an individual in our desired career field, focusing on certain communication issues within the workplace. Since you are the Chief Financial Officer of the Foreign Commodities Group at JP Morgan Chase, you seem to be a great candidate for the interview. Purpose: To gain an understanding of the skills and education required to enter the financial banking industry. In addition, the ways in which effective and/or ineffective communication can affect the dynamics and effectiveness of the workplace. Interviewee: Dan Fratello, CFO Foreign Commodities Group, JP Morgan Chase. Interviewer: Matt Hines, College Communications Student, University of Maryland. I. General Background A. From my research, it seems that your job requires knowledge of accounting in addition to financial concepts. Do you find this to be true in your case? 1. (If original answer is yes) Would you suggest individuals interested in a similar career path to dual major in accounting? 2. (If original answer is no) Do you find yourself using concepts from other business fields aside from finance? B. From your experience, do you find that college graduates are being taught the skills needed to succeed in the professional environment? 1. Which topics should professors focus on more/less to successfully prepare students? 2. Would you say that recent college graduates are lacking communication skills more so than technical skills in your field? Or Vice-versa? 3.
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Comm107-Interview Outline - Matt Hines Comm 107 Interview...

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