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Comm107-Reflection Paper - Matt Hines Comm107 Reflection...

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Matt Hines Comm107 Reflection Paper Section 1501 Both the group project/class session and the individual interview have given me plenty of insight into communication issues and ways to effectively communicate. These experiences have greatly improved my communication abilities and have given me much greater confidence in an interview and/or group class session environment. By applying communication concepts learned both in and out of class, I will analyze the individual interview and group project. Before discussing the actual presentation, it is very important to first analyze the group process which occurred leading up to the presentation. By studying these group dynamics (i.e. group communication); we can gain a much greater understanding of why my group was either effective or ineffective. When groups were first made, I sensed some tension between group members. It was the second week of classes and we had yet to get to know each other. As a result, this lack of familiarity initially hindered our group decision making. Reluctant to upset the group dynamic, all group members agreed to the ideas set forth by other members, even if they didn’t necessarily agree with them. This is something which I have experienced in a majority of the groups that I have worked in. However, once the initial tension was relieved, I found that my group members and I were more forthcoming with opinions even if they might conflict with ideas already set forth. After our initial meeting in class, my group discussed when all the group members were available to meet outside the classroom. This can be an extremely difficult task and requires clear and concise communication from all group members. While all the
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members of my group (including myself) are very busy, we managed to find times at night where we were all free. (Berko) Once our group was formed and scheduling conflicts resolved, our group began to plan our class session. The task required a 20-25 minute class session which could only be accomplished through effective and active communication from all group members. The next step in the process was to determine out to split up the work. From my own
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Comm107-Reflection Paper - Matt Hines Comm107 Reflection...

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