LectureNotes312 - C136 031208 revised schedule Adams 1-11...

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Unformatted text preview: C136 031208 revised schedule Adams 1-11 Ives: music that comes down from the past—hymns, pop music, af-amer music, steven foster. allusions to amer protestant hymns. deep connection to trad of euro music. considered uniquely American. but other euro composers were doing this—ives paid attention, did his own uniquely American take on it. reformers trying to bring amer institutions up to date or jettisoning them, consigning them to the past. room for dif interpretations. very little research on this novel. Zimmerman claims that the novel form Sinclair uses is inappropriate for the social issues he wants to talk about. melodrama, good guys vs. bad guys. S member of sot party; very left-wing. imagine what kind of values are operative within this novelistic vision—what is this man’s strategy, looking at, looking for? who is the narrator, and who is the narratee? who is the projected reader of this book? what assumptions is S. making that we have to recreate? Zimmerman says there’s a moral vision implicit in the novel that seems questionable as pertinent to modern era. values we can simplistically tabulate. Trust : implies loyalty. enemy of bk is a steel trust. people disturbed by rise of trusts. laws passed against trusts. other values. who is the representative of these values? Honesty . [someone was passing by him this morning and a paper blew out of the man’s hands. H. grabbed it out of the air and passed it back to him. the man wasn’t as impressed as H....
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LectureNotes312 - C136 031208 revised schedule Adams 1-11...

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