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Blades Cash Flow Statement - Indirect for the month of September 2004 Cash Flow From Operations Net Income 14,525 Adjustments to reconcile NI and net cash Add: Depreciation 300 Increase in A/R (500) Increase in Inventory (153,500) Decrease in prepaid 2,000 Decrease in Supplies 300 Increase in A/P 85,000 Increase in Accrued Exp 3,500 Increase in Tax Pay 10,000 Decrease in Def'd Rev
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Unformatted text preview: (500) Increase in Int. Pay 375 CFO $(38,500) Cash Flow from Investing Land Purchase (9,000) Cash Flow from Financing Proceeds of debt issue 25,000 Proceeds of share issue 15,000 Dividends Paid 0 CFF 40,000 Net Change in Cash for the month (7,500) Cash at beginning of month 47,000 Cash at end of month $39,500...
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