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2008 Alaska House of Representatives Election Basics Republican- Don E. Young (Incumbent) Democrat- Ethan A Berkowitz (attorney, businessman) Independent- Donald R. Wright (retired) Electoral Environment Election results - Republican 147,778 50.48% Democratic 131,077 44.78% Alaskan Independence 13,087 4.47% Write-in 776 0.27% Fundraising - (R) $1,260,285 (D) $1,368,778 (AI) $0 Scandals - Don Young has been tied up in the same VECO scandal as Senate candidate Ted Stevens. Enev though he is going on his 19 th term, the issue of scandal threatens to dethrone him. According to federal authorities, Young is under investigation for connections with oil field and pipeline company foul play. Popularity - During the republican primaries, Berkowitz led Young in popularity with a double digit margin. After Young defeated Parnell, however, popularity swayed and Young won the election (by a small margin). Polling Information - Public opinion in the state swayed very much so throughout the course of the election. With the Palin scandal (abuse of governor’s office) during the Republican primary, support for
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Unformatted text preview: candidates shifted back and forth. Alaska leaned Democratic, until Young took the Republican primary officially, and went on to win the state. Issues Young asserts his opinions on guns, civil rights, defense and military, education, energy, health, immigration, jobs/labor, natural resources, seniors, transportation, and veteran’s issues. Berkowitz chooses to focus on education, although their views do not seem to conflict heavily with each other. It seems that Young’s corruption and question of scandal are the focus of the election. Prediction My prediction is that even though Young is surrounded with questions of scandal, and is associated by party with Palin and her scandal, he will win. I feel that because he has been in office 18 terms, Alaska will not change their opinions enough to elect a Democrat. Outcome Winner- Don Young Margin of win- Approximately 5% Prediction- Correct...
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