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2.3 - Haubold 1 Max Haubold English 102 Erin Allingham Unit...

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Haubold 1 Max Haubold English 102 Erin Allingham Unit Project Leopold’s Experiences: A Strange Brew? Leopold’s early life had a disastrous effect on his later rule of the Congo. The combination of his early childhood relationship with his parents, his youthful experiences in the military and court, his arranged marriage, and his association with the English author JWB Money all had negative impacts on him. The stresses of arranged marriage, coupled with the confusion of a distanced relationship with his parents drove Leopold to bury himself in an array of interests which would only bring him to a road of destruction. Military training and the promise of economic power fueled him down this road. In his childhood, Leopold had a much distanced relationship with his parents. His mother seemed disappointed in him much of the time, expressed in one letter which reprimanded him for laziness in his military exercises and poor performance in school. Her attitude was not countered by that of his father. To even see the king Leopold had to request an audience. Communication was done through secretaries. All this, combined with the fact that his parents obviously favored his younger siblings, drove Leopold to look for other things to comfort him. Curiosity sparked a fire burning for maps and information regarding far corners of the world, to where he could get away. It was evident that this yearning for distant places, along with his cunning and slyness- pointed out by the king- would lead Leopold toward expansionism and exploitation of anything he could gain a hold of. (2007-1)
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