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Notes I know we did not need to print these off, but I felt it was appropriate to put them in my “Notes” section, because it includes my analysis of each part. I hope it will not negatively impact my grade. After rereading the first part, it seems much easier to understand. One thought while reading, however, is the validity of Marlow's account. Africa being disconnected from the rest of the word, it seems that some of the things he says might be a stretch of reality (yes its fiction, by reality I mean within the book). He goes searching for a pile of bones? He says that he finds them, but how would this be possible? I do not see where he is able to speak native tongues, so it could not have been through talking with natives, even if they could have differentiated between the countless explorers who had died there. Africa seems too large a place for explorers to keep track of each other as well. The point of my questioning is, does the author mean for Marlow's word to be taken for granted?
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