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Research Question- For years there has been an on going debate over the origin of syphilis. Scientists have turned towards genetics for the answer. Objective- Dr. Harper and her team want to see if there is a corellation between Syphilis and the treponemal diseases- yaws, endemic syphilis and pinta. Method- To do this, they first had to collect data, which was very difficult due to the scarcity of the diseases. Once collected, the strains would be compared to new-age syphilis, to see if there is a resemblense.
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Unformatted text preview: Results- The team found that Syphilis is most similar to Yaws, a non venerial disease, concurrent with the early people of the New World. Conclusion- Findings suggest that Yaws was passed from the New World, it's home, to Europe through explorers. Used to its warm climates, it migrated to the genitals, and evoled into what we know today and Syphilis....
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